About our Process: 


Organic cotton sourced from farmers

We have developed strong relationships with farmers that grow the cotton we use. We feel strongly about investing in natural resources and take responsibility in supporting the people in the community.

We also use vegetable dye in small batches to minimise the effects on the environment.





Working with artisans allows us to maintain the traditional aspects of woven textiles in Ethiopia. Artisans are experts and we view developing textiles as an art form. By giving people resources to work and provide for themselves and their families, it helps build and extend the culture authentically.




The best thing is that we are creating jobs while working with people that want to build a more ethical and sustainable platform for the future.

Currently it is a small team of key people in each part of the process. Almost everything is created in house.

Everyone plays a role which allows us have full quality control. It has been a collective process from beginning to end. The label's intent is to constantly create quality pieces while working with like-minded people. 



Conscious design

We design pieces with no season in mind. All pieces are also gender fluid. Our aim is to create pieces that can be easily incorporated into anyones wardrobe. 

The collections are released twice a year with a focus on the environmental impact of waste. The pieces are made in limited runs with almost the entirety for pre-order. That allows us to maximise the use of resources and minimise waste.