Gudit Midi Wrap Skirt

Gudit Midi Wrap Skirt

from 130.90

The Gudit Midi Wrap Skirt comes is 3 different fabrics. The skirts structure is made to be straight.

The pink and brown fabric is made up of a 2/2- Twill weave pattern where the colour is shown on a diagonal. This is created when two white warp threads are crossing every two collared weft threads.

The black fabric is a Diamond weave pattern. This fabric currently only comes in black. It is slightly thicker than the Twill fabric and Gabi.

The white fabric is made out of Gabi. Gabi is a traditional fabric has been an Ethiopian staple for centuries. It is very soft to touch and breathable to wear. The cotton is hand spun and then hand woven. The yarns vary from being white to an off-white/cream, giving the fabric an inconsistency in color overall. 

All fabrics are very soft to touch and breathable to wear.

Made out of 100% Ethiopian cotton   

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