After working in fast fashion for 7 years I left my position as Director of Product Development with the goal of helping brands clean up their supply chains. Rahma the Label is a consultancy company for not only brands, but also their customers.

At the time I left fast fashion I had a great salary, was working my way up the corporate ladder, under 30 and already had a director’s title, and was traveling the world to develop and produce products for many brands.

To many people, it looked like I was living the dream. But, as my career progressed I felt more and more that the industry needed to change.

I believe that to create change in a system, first you need to know how it works. And, my years spent working overseas in fast fashion gave me an intimate understanding on how the fashion industry truly operates.

After I felt I had seen and learned enough, I made it my goal to revolutionize the industry by educating curious customers and helping brands choose better supply chain partners.