The Main Purpose of Hoop Skirts

Posted on Nov 6, 2020 in Outerwear

The Main Purpose of Hoop Skirts

The hoop skirt is the women’s underwear, which is worn for several years. It is used to wear under the gown to give an extensive and stylish shape. The hoop skirt is worn to avoid tripping the skirt while doing any work. It is even helpful, to avoid sticking of the skirt to the legs in warm weather.

For the women in the past, who have to work in a long gown for several hours at home and in the field too. Then they used to wear a hoop skirt to stay comfortable for the whole day.

In the years 1850 and 1860, hoops were used by the farmers and have even become more useful than being used for fashion purpose. Still, the women are wearing hoop skirts to give a fashionable shape to their gowns.

The hoops are made up of petticoat clothes or nylon having several stitches to hold your gown. The hoop skirt consists of various cages to keep your skirt look fluffy and thick. It makes your favorite gown more beautiful. Still, the women’s used to wear this under their wedding gowns.

petticoat clothes

Earlier the women’s used to wear many petticoats layer by layer, to create a dome shape of the gown. But in the 18th century, it was replaced by the hoop skirts which was easy to be worn and also light weighted.

During the times of Elizabeth, the women used to wear hoop skirts to avoid wearing several layers of the petticoat, which was lengthy and difficult to be worn in the warm weather too.

Later in the mid of 18th century and at the beginning of the 19th century, the use of hoop skirts was completely stopped by the women.

When someone wears a hoop skirt then the foremost question that comes to mind is how that person will sit. Well, this is not such a big deal, as much we think. You can easily sit with your cross legs without any big issue. It just looks fluffy and isn’t very hard to sit or stand.

The hoop skirts are very flexible and enable you to sit as normally as you can. So wearing a hoop skirt isn’t a big deal. You try this, for any event or at your wedding to give a thick look to your gown.