How to Wear Long Socks with Jeans

Posted on Aug 5, 2020 in Choosing Accessories, Shoe Trends

How to Wear Long Socks with Jeans

In western wear clothes, jeans have become very famous and have been worn for both formal and informal look. It came in trend in the year 1870. You can’t be that wrong while selecting the pair of jeans, but you can get mistaken while choosing the accessories, especially when you choose the socks. Here you will find ways to wear long socks with the jeans.

  • Choose a sock that matches your shoes

While buying socks, make sure it matches with your shoes, not your jeans. Choosing a sock that matches your shoes, easily mixes up with the color of the shoes and becomes the most attractive part of your dress-up. So pair up light brown socks with tan shoes, grey socks with the grey trainers.

type of shoes

  • Don’t choose white socks

White socks are the most common pair of socks seen everywhere, so don’t ever choose white socks on any jeans or trousers. White socks are meant for sports purpose, so use them particularly there. Don’t wear white sports socks on formal suits, it looks too bad. And also very common these days.

  • Consider your weight too

The socks should also match with the type of shoes, wearing a formal shoe with the sports socks and vice verse. It feels like the worst combination ever. Choose the socks that make you feel your foot light and relaxed. Jeans can be easily paired with many types of shoes like boots, brown dress shoes, and also with trainers.  With the boots try to wear heavy socks, so it remains like a soft cushion for your foot. With the formal shoes, you can wear light socks, because they are already very soft.

sockless look

  • No show for a sockless look

First of all, the socks completely depend on what type of shows you are wearing. In the summer season, you can wear boat shoes, smart shoes, and vans with matching socks color to jeans. It is very comfortable and suitable for the warm weather, as it is very thin and avoids sweating and smelling. These socks are not visible from the shoes, so you can get any color of socks and there is no tension of matching pair of socks with the shoes.

These the few types of socks and the ways to wear long socks with jeans.